Dinner on the Run; An UberEats Experience

The Hangry Few

Every now and then I need to work nights. Not only do I work nights, but with only two of us there lunch (dinner) options can be limited. But a few nights ago one of my colleagues was talking about using UberEats. I personally had never used Uber for anything – I’m essentially a cave dweller… However, on this night I was starving and had a hankering for something other than what the local fare had to offer. I was skeptical, but I trusted the opinion of those I work with. So I formulated a cunning plan; well not really but you get the idea.

The Plan

I had downloaded the app a few weeks prior, but I had thoughts that told me the prices in Uber and the prices on the menu were quite different. In the end I decided that if a restaurant was going to charge a dollar more to cover their costs then it was probably worth it; if they didn’t then, that was obviously okay also, it is possible I never took note of prices before, but there you go. The $6.50 charge for delivery was reasonably standard, so that was a no-brainer. I opted for the delivery to be brought inside, instead of meet at the car, because I was at work and possibly could not meet them. All the boxes were ticked, and I was told a time – about 20 minutes.

The Delivery

My work is not that busy at night, and I had been watching my phone being mindful of the time as I knew delivery drivers of all types are under pressure and generally do not like to be kept waiting. But at the pivotal moment, I was called away from the front desk and I didn’t actually see the driver come in, but they left the food with a colleague. I was interested to see what the hand-off process would be, did I need to tap something on my phone to say received? I’m not sure, but it did come up with a rating review for the driver. So I did what was necessary and plowed into my pipping hot Schnitz.

The Review

I gave my driver 5 stars. Even though I never actually met her, my food was hot and the delivery was made. What else is there to rate someone on? She ticked to two most important (and only) requirements.

A Re-Do?

I think UberEats, and other food delivery services, are good for consumers. They can offer business who may not have a facility for delivery access to customers that may have otherwise spent their money elsewhere. I know on this certain night I would have. I feel that the service is too expensive to use on a regular basis, and this is something you might need to consider for yourself. However, as a means to get dinner when your options are limited or non-existent it is a brilliant thing, and provides competition where none may have existed before.

Final Thoughts

In our heavily active/working lives anything to make a thing easier is good. I have used food delivery when I’ve been stuck at work and couldn’t get home to feed the kids – they’re old enough to be home alone. I can order something slightly better than the usual takeout muck and have it delivered to them while I’m still punching out the clock.

This is not and advertisement for UberEats.

Feature Image: Bruno Martins on Unsplash