Not a New Years Resolution…

I hate the term New Years Resolution. It has come to hold little meaning when discussing personal change. But I do like the beginning of a new year to try and make changes. I much prefer the idea of challenge over resolution, as one shows that making changes are hard and that they should be difficult, where resolution just sounds like something drunk people sprout out at midnight only to be forgotten by the morning. A challenge means some sort of thought has gone into it, something planned and nurtured.

The Challenge Habit

Month long challenges are something that I have been doing for a while; mostly they have been personal and I have rarely told anyone. Usually, they are to break a bad habit, or something that I don’t like about myself. I wouldn’t call them self esteem builders or anything, but completing the challenges and being successful does make me feel better about myself. Probably the most successful challenge I completed was to make my bed every morning. Not really that hard… But I’m a messy person, always have been and always will be. Turns out I love making my bed in the morning, and although the challenge was completed a few years ago it is still something I do today. It seems such a cheesy thing to be proud of, but it showed me that I can make changes in my life, no matter how small.

A Year of Change

So back to this year. A year long challenge, but I think I’m up to the task. Something I do a lot of that I hate is eating take out food; it’s wasteful, expensive and does not satisfy. When it comes to food prep, planning and cooking I am lazy and unorganized. So this year I am giving up eating out… But wait there are a few rules:

  • Once a month I can have a reward of takeout, if the previous month was successful.
  • Not including the Fam, only I must suffer.
  • Takeout means mass produced food – proper restaurants are okay, but need to be planned.

So far I’m 10 days in and I am yet to buckle or cave. It has me thinking more about what I’m going to eat and when. I am really hopeful that this terrible habit that can be broken. It may even result in eating better and possibly some weight loss? Who knows but I am looking forward to the challenge and what changes it may bring with it.

I will update this challenge regularly through the year, so follow this blog to keep updated.

Feature Image: Exausted by KeWynn Lee (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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