Lunch Lit. Part 9

Lemur was delegated the back seat, but on the plus side he was sitting next to Ashley. The idea was that they would go to the beach. As soon as the doors to the car were shut that suggestion was squashed, by a female majority and the maleness of always hungry, and they were heading into town. This holidays were turning out to be fairly ordinary. At least it was warm outside and the bathers wouldn’t be too out of place.

Ashley looked unbelievably hot in a gold and black sports top. Her hair was cut short but just long enough that a few strands brushed against her shoulders. He desperately searched his head for something to say, but he continued to come up empty. Not wanting to appear completely dense he suddenly found something interesting out side the window.

‘Not much of a talker are you?’ She shattered the ice.

‘Lemmie? Nah hes the quite one.’ Zane answered. ‘You gotta watch ‘em they have all the creepy ideas.’

Ashley laughed, he bob shaking and Lemur notice a few blue streaks hidden under the blonde.

‘Sweet hair color.’

‘You mean this?’ Ashley plucked some of the blue strands and twisted it around her fingers. ‘You know you’d look awesome with bit of color. Knock out that mousey brown thing you have going on.’

‘Yeah I guess.’

‘You should totally get color.’ Nat chimed in. ‘Zane what do you think?’

‘I totally dont care.’ A statment that earned him a slap on the shoulder.

‘Yeah maybe I dunno.’

‘C’mon we’ll go see my girl. She’s the total shiznit.’