For some time I have been considering what to do with this blog. A part of me wanted to make it work related and another part wanted it more relaxed with no general theme. It all leads into the question of who am I? And often that is a very difficult question to answer. I have never felt that I fit into any sort of standard personality. I also often question my own mental state. Does everyone do this? I don’t know, and I guess it is impossible to determine. It is actually one of the main questions that I fumble whenever going for a job interview; the old ‘so tell me about yourself’. I know that this question is a ruse, generally the interviewer is trying to see if you will fit with the group, do they like you, how personable are you, are you going to be one of the gang? I was once told that anyone can be trained for any job and it is more about your personality than your abilities. Perhaps this is why I struggle so much in interviews, maybe I don’t know myself as much as I think I do. Indeed what makes me… me?
I know what I love to do. I love to create, taking things apart and seeing how they work, putting them back together (sometimes) successfully. I enjoy trying to find faster and more efficient ways of doing tasks. I love change and progressive ideas, even if it effects me in a negative manner; a challenging opportunity to find the positive in every outcome.
I enjoy consuming media of all sorts, I love analysing and discovering new ways of thinking about particular topics, what motivates the antagonist. Why are we not hearing their story? What is the author/director trying to say with their work, are they saying anything? How about sensationalist journalism? Are these real stories or nothing more than advertisements masquerading as social injustices? I absolutely love going to the cinema, and while I not a first week out person – hate the crowds – I will usually see a movie every few weeks. I like to take my kids along, so the films I see differ wildly in theme and rating. But there is usually something worthy about the film in question… sometimes the car ride home can elicit striking conversations, as I challenge my children to think more deeply about what they just watched. What did you think of… and why did they do that? It can be enlightening to hear their responses and add to my own enjoyment of the film.
Anyway… so onto the blog. What will it be? It’s going to become something that I do for myself. I will still publish to the world, ideally it will be about what I do in my life. But what can we expect! I hear the empty crowd cheer. Well it could be anything! I feel that I am a free thinker – I like to approach topics with an open mind. At the moment I have a schedule to work with, I think the best approach is to assign topics to certain days. But this is more to help me with thinking of something to write about. I plan on writing content four times a week as a minimum, but it may be more if something happens that day that I feel I need to discuss. All my posts will be open for comments for about a month after it’s published, I encourage any comments and will only moderate spam.
For now that is about it. Feel free to follow along, I hope this will become what blogs started out as being, nothing more than an online log. I’m not here to sell anything. Any advice I offer is just how I personally solved a problem, it may work for you it may not. I like to think I’m funny and I hope I may be somewhat entertaining. Now join me and together we can rule the… um yeah.