Vengeance Served Promptly with Pointy Objects

Today saw the vengeance of nine-fingered Rob and oh how he laughed.

Insert random dude wanting some aquarium water tested. Oh joy, me please, I say and then off to testy test. But the brand new Ammonia bottle #2 has a bent nozzle – oh nos. However me being the big smarty brain checks the bin and success the old bottle is sitting there and offers me a cheeky wink, as if to say, well done old boy. I snap off the nozzle, all’st while glaring at the bent bugger; how dare he stop me from doing my job? Then I carefully put the new one on, click, it goes in only to shoot a minute amount of tester right in my eye. Hooray for chemical burns!  I rushed off to flush out my poor eyeball. When I return the dude is reading the back of the pack, but have no fear, a slightly scorched eyeball and I still tested his water.

All the time I could hear nine-fingered Rob laughing at me, that bastard.

The guys water was all good. His guppies were just old, three years, they only live about one – three.