Short Story Plotting

I’ve never been much of a plotter; usually the story is cooked away inside my head, but sometimes I forget where things are going, or worse, what has previously happened. So here is a bit of plotting for a short story I am working on.

Untitled Space Opera

Words: 2500


Scene 1: Kyro, Larissa and Maui are in a meeting discussing their late father’s estate. Kyro is being demanding; Larissa is playing hardball; Maui doesn’t care about anything – she would see his estate just go away. Kyro storms out, and Larissa heads for her shuttle – Maui catches up to Kyro to explain things to him, and tries to calm him down.

Scene 2: Kyro catches up with Larissa at the spaceport and talks with her. She is adamant that he will not be getting the money. She leaves and Kyro watches her shuttle blast off. In one final attempt Kyro contacts her ship, but she brushes him off and cuts the conversation. Kyro sets off a device and the shuttle explodes.

Scene 3: Kyro is leaving the spaceport, he is notified of Larissa’s death and how he is now executor of his father’s estate. He got everything he wanted, he contacts Maui – she does not answer. He walks from the spaceport; on the street he is dragged into a car…