The Freedom to Play

doodle jump(Doodle Jump by Johan Larsson (CC BY 2.0))

Mobile gaming applications (MGA’s) have no purpose other than to be mindless time fillers; existing in a world where time is multitudinous. Maybe not time itself, it has no tangibility, how about ‘time-packets’? Little portions of time that slip by during the day wasted. Yep, that sums it up perfectly. MGA’s fill in these time-packets with their unobtrusive and mindless ways. Next time you’re stuck at the doctor for the bus, look at the people in the waiting room; that guy’s shedding some Angry Birds; that woman has dropped a slice of Zombie Highway; that kid… OMG he’s got a book!! Look away! Look away!!!


MGA’s don’t seem to offer anything or take anything, they just exist. But do they? Realistically they are money making machines, aimed to target us when we are at our most vulnerable; like punching a guy while he’s squatting behind the bushes. When boredom takes over, the eyes roll back and maybe we’ll by some ‘Gems’ just to skip this annoying level. Ninety-nine cents a ‘Gem’ isn’t all that much; this is how they generate revenue.

Aha, but I’m too smart for all that jazz! Oh really… well there are other ways, more nefarious ways, that MGA’s make you pay for their brightly colored delights. After all it didn’t get to be ‘a ten-billion-dollar industry’ just by selling fictional trinkets (Biscotti et. al. cited in Zhang et. al. 2013, p.1487).

Some games have the ability to read data from your phone while you play it, and in turn be able to translate this data into a sellable commodity. One perfect example of this is Ingress.


(Screenshot by R. Williams 2016 –

Ingress is explicitly geared towards solving complex computational issues while also bolstering marketing apparatuses through the collection and processing of players’ behavioral data. Because surveillance is embedded into its game mechanics, Ingress produces a community where everyday surveillant labor is normalized as a valid system of exchange. It is, in fact, the gift that players continuously give in return for the privilege of play. (Hulsay and Reeves 2014, p.392)

Just like that, you’re turned into a mindless slave working for the numbers crunching machine. Although isn’t it better to have targeted advertising?

Not only that but you got to have fun doing it? So much better than having your Saturday morning ruined with some guy and a clipboard.

‘Just a quick survey sir?’

‘No dammit, I have dragons to slay!!’


Most people are probably intrinsically aware that games are doing something. We all get to see what the game wants access to and usually have ticked yes or accepted the fact that our data will be looked at. There have been reports of MGA’s doing things like this for years, but we still keep playing them.

Is it possible that we actually do need MGA’s for what they provide? A slight distraction from the monotony of a life pause? Sure there are other ways of entertaining those minute packets of time, but what else fits into such a small space and is so endearingly convenient?

being watched

(Playing games by Nellies (CC BY-NC 2.0))

It’s all a part of living in the consumer society. We ourselves drive the advertising and if deep down we didn’t want it we would just stop. Back to work everyone, lunchtimes over.


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Hulsey, N, & Reeves, J 2014, ‘The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Google, Ingress, and the Gift of Surveillance’, Surveillance & Society, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 389-400.

The Perils of Photo Geotagging

I suppose like most people I didn’t know what geotagging was and at first it seemed really bad. I immediately thought of all the photos I had shared. But after finding out that my phone had never had location switched on, there was much relaxing of sphincters; possibly even a little curiosity. Once I started playing around with the location service I started to like it and began to think of ways that it could be implemented in positive ways and where I could use it to better my life.

Essentially geotagging is when a GPS enabled device attaches longitude and latitude coordinates to a photo, which means that this photo can be located on maps.

Is this my actual location? Or am I out somewhere hunting Pokémon – I mean going for a walk? If there were a group of shots it’d be easier to tell (or you could just ask! Rude much?) and that’s where the problem lies.
When you upload photos it is possible that a person can download them and, quite easily, find out where it was taken. Sounds scary? At first it seems very frightening; although most social media sites strip the data to save on file space (Schwartz 2013).
The risks of allowing geotagged photos to be broadcast include:

  • People being aware of when you are not home.
  • A child’s location being tracked.
  • Location of endangered animals being inadvertently tracked by tourists (Boyle 2015).

There are many benefits of geotagging as well, such as:

  • Patient tracking to demonstrate the spread of disease outbreak (Velasco, et al. 2014, p.23).
  • Creating, ‘a personal travel guide.’ (Humphreys & Liao 2011, p.412) to share with others.
  • Entertainment, such as sharing Geocache location finds.
  • Marking places of interest and importance, such as hard to find historic sites.

Finding out geotag information is easy enough. It’s a simple as looking at the properties of the file, in some instances a link is provided to exactly pin point the location on a map. There are also websites available ( that allow you to upload photos and remove or add geotags.

In dealing with geotag surveillance being prepared and aware is probably the best defense. The more mindful the user is of surveillance technologies such as these the less likely they will be caught out.

To find out how to switch geotagging on or off on my phone – Sony Experia Z5 – I had to hit the web as I had no idea if it was running. But now that I know how (and a handy little pin tells me), I am going to use it regularly; especially in one of my fields of interest, discovering street art.

How to links:

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Click Bait – Short Story flash fiction challenge as set by Chuck Wendig.


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SAMBO: sounds like you know something about that?

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SAMBO: I withdraw my comments — you have affine ass btw 😛

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KOOKIE_BROOKIE: no time for QT stuff. Its al ads and bullshite

DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ: true but it amusing bullshite

KOOKIE_BROOKIE: the addless silence of our little collective was one of the most pleasant experiences of my day and now you opened the door. Talk about blood sucking vultures and we are the slowly decomposing body washed up on the sandy shore of their vacation home.


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PINK_VAMPS77: totally fking with you dude

KOOKIE_BROOKIE: exactly, its shit

PINK_VAMPS77: I agree with @D they are a bit funny. Just yesterday my vag was so hairy.

PETER_PARKER [CHNL42]: In entertainment tonight, we list the monster top ten crotch shots of your favourite celebrities. Have you seen them all? [read more…]

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TENEAL_SCOTT [CHNL42]: Ready for some late night adult entertainment, this week we look at the top twenty fetishes and how they affect the lives of those that [read more…]


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KOOKIE_BROOKIE has logged off…

SAMBO has logged off…

DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ: you guys just a bit of fun?

PINK_VAMPS77: sometimes… maybe just a tad too far?

DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ: ffs someone draw me a line then

PINK_VAMPS77: —————————————————

PINK_VAMPS77: it was okay for a bit…

PINK_VAMPS77 has logged off…

DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ: anyone still here?



DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ: nobody wants to play my games anymore :{

JIG_SAW [CHNL42]: would you like to play a game?

DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ: those movies sucked

DUNGEON_MISTRESS_KAZ has logged off…

The Manor Above – Short Story

Clawed hands rummaged through the soft earth. Rain pelted against her unprotected head, and dirty water washed over her face. Ashley rested a moment and swiped away the rivulets with the back of her leather gloved hand. Surely it was enough for today. From her side she plucked a small pouch and the rain forced her to lift her goggles to peer inside. The count was a miserable three. But there at her feet the rain had freed a small gem from the earth. In a flurry she grasped it, hissing at a nearby waif whom dared hinted at a challenge and he suddenly found renewed interest in his claim. Four now she had four, it may be enough. No, it was definitely enough. She placed the gem with it fellows and looked to the sky, the rain was starting to still and daylight would break soon enough, but there was still time. Ashley replaced her goggles and stretched her wings and with a pause to adjust for the air currents, she took flight.

The flight was brief and her claws dug into the gravel lined footpath. She approached cautiously and when with a few inches she rang the doorbell. As she waited she recited the Gatherer’s Prayer:

To us and say, to speak no more;
Seek for once, for ever and more.
For every nay they are to hear,
Bells of toll, for once to cheer.
If and only that must stay,
Forever once, never this day.

Ashley was half way through her eighth when a man appeared in the doorway. He said nothing but struck out his hand, and Ashley gave him her gem bag. He jiggled it for a second and then motioned for her to enter.

‘Lady Penny will be down shortly. Please try to make yourself somewhat respectable.’

‘Thankyou m’lord.’

‘I’m not a lord’, he rolled his eyes, ‘just a slightly well-kept servant than those you are used to.’

He placed Ashley’s gem bag on a small side table and left the room. She wasn’t sure what he had meant by respectable, but decided to fold her wings properly so little was displayed. There had been talks in the pits that those from the manor had a particular dislike for them. She retracted her claws and for the first time felt the carpet under her feet. It was an odd sensation, similar to the cut grasses in the western region, but softer and not as offensive to her olfactory senses.

‘Do you like it?’

Startled Ashley stepped backward and bumped the wall.

‘The carpet do you like it? I was thinking of having the entire house redone but Thomas will not hear of it, some nonsense about – well where are my manners. Peter tells me you have something for us?’

Ashley motioned to the bag and Penny picked it up with fore finger and thumb only and dumped the contents onto the table then tossed the bag away. Ashley scrounged for the bag and hung it back in its place.

‘These are wonderful.’ Lady Penny picked up each stone and examined them. ‘Is this all you have?’

Ashley nodded.

‘My dear creature, you may speak and in fact it is encouraged.’

‘Yes, it is all my work.’

‘And you are happy to trade?’


‘Excellent, but first sign this.’

Ashley took the paper Lady Penny offered.

‘Take special note of the returned agreement.’

Ashley glanced its content and then signed the end of the document and she handed it back. Lady Penny tucked it back into her waistband, turned and rang a small bell. Within seconds three girls appeared in the room. She said something to them in a language Ashley didn’t understand and then left.

‘Lady Penny has told us to serve you this morn,’ the dark skinned girl said.

‘Please stand very still,’ the blonde one said.

Ashley did as requested. The three girls started to chant and they appeared to spin around her. A shower of blue sparks streaked the air and suddenly she was in the eye of a cobalt firestorm. Faster and faster it seemed to swirl and Ashley felt like her skin was peeling away, but without pain. Without warning the maelstrom vanished and the girls giggled as they grabbed Ashley’s hands and led her away into a small room.

‘Look, look,’ the tall girl shoved Ashley in front of a mirror.

Instinctively Ashley thrust her hands over her face. But in that second she saw something unusual, her light fur had gone and in its place pink skin, smooth and perfect. She stood tall admiring her new physique, its curves and unusual extremities.

‘Are you happy?’

Ashley nodded, unable to speak.

‘She’s happy,’ the tall girl giggled, ‘but if you want to enter the manor, we need to put some clothes on that fine ass.’

‘How’s this?’ The dark girl held up an object of black lace and corsetry.


The three girls surrounded Ashely again, tucking and prodding. Once they decided they were finished, they let her look once more into the mirror. The bluish hues of the black dress made her skin radiant, the effect was indeed, mesmerising.

‘Well don’t we look much more suitable?’ Lady Penny said from the doorway. ‘Another excellent job ladies. Now if you excuse me, Ashley and I have a gathering to attend.’ Lady Penny pointed her elbow, and Ashley obliged taking hold.

Lady Penny escorted Ashley up a flight of stairs, and into a grand room. Music was playing and people were chatting and dancing. At the far end men carrying silver trays of food were gracefully prying their way through the crowd and guests sampled their wares. Everyone stopped and looked up at Ashley.

‘Our newest member!’ Lady Penny applauded and the crowd followed suit.

Ashley smiled for the first time that evening. She stepped forward, just as a buzzer sounded.

‘And that’s time.’ Lady Penny snapped her fingers, and a flurry of red sparks fell from Ashley. Her wings burst out the back of the dress. Within seconds she had reverted to her original form, wearing nothing but shreds of the black dress.

Her transformation complete, Lady Penny leaned in, ‘Work harder and we will see you again.’

Lady Penny let out a whistle, and the world flipped upside down, streaks of colour flashed past. It all stopped with Ashley landing face first in her dig claim. She stood and groomed herself free of the mud. She looked upwards to the manor, the lights burned bright and she knew the party would go on till morning. Ashley released a sigh and ran her hand through her hair, stopping shortly to pluck out a stubborn lump. As luck would remain it was a small green gemstone. A wry smile on her face, Ashely set to work, perhaps she would see inside the manor again, but next time she would be offering much more.

Vengeance Served Promptly with Pointy Objects

Today saw the vengeance of nine-fingered Rob and oh how he laughed.

Insert random dude wanting some aquarium water tested. Oh joy, me please, I say and then off to testy test. But the brand new Ammonia bottle #2 has a bent nozzle – oh nos. However me being the big smarty brain checks the bin and success the old bottle is sitting there and offers me a cheeky wink, as if to say, well done old boy. I snap off the nozzle, all’st while glaring at the bent bugger; how dare he stop me from doing my job? Then I carefully put the new one on, click, it goes in only to shoot a minute amount of tester right in my eye. Hooray for chemical burns!  I rushed off to flush out my poor eyeball. When I return the dude is reading the back of the pack, but have no fear, a slightly scorched eyeball and I still tested his water.

All the time I could hear nine-fingered Rob laughing at me, that bastard.

The guys water was all good. His guppies were just old, three years, they only live about one – three.

Meanwhile in an Alternate Reality…

I thought I’d let everyone know that we are now living in the reality in which I DID NOT cut off one of my fingers with the shiny new grinder I recently purchased. I’m sure the other Rob had a terrible day all bleeding and crying and probably pissing his pants, but that’s his life now. I do feel a bit sorry for him; I mean I’m glad he took it for the team and all. From now on when I look at my hands my thoughts will always be with him, that poor bastard…

But then perhaps he will use this experience for good and ditch these often time consuming DIY projects and use his time more wisely and have more drive to become a much better writer! A published writer!

OMG, you know what? fuck that guy, what an asshole… Me and all the other Rob’s are going out for a drink to bitch about him.

Short Story Plotting

I’ve never been much of a plotter; usually the story is cooked away inside my head, but sometimes I forget where things are going, or worse, what has previously happened. So here is a bit of plotting for a short story I am working on.

Untitled Space Opera

Words: 2500


Scene 1: Kyro, Larissa and Maui are in a meeting discussing their late father’s estate. Kyro is being demanding; Larissa is playing hardball; Maui doesn’t care about anything – she would see his estate just go away. Kyro storms out, and Larissa heads for her shuttle – Maui catches up to Kyro to explain things to him, and tries to calm him down.

Scene 2: Kyro catches up with Larissa at the spaceport and talks with her. She is adamant that he will not be getting the money. She leaves and Kyro watches her shuttle blast off. In one final attempt Kyro contacts her ship, but she brushes him off and cuts the conversation. Kyro sets off a device and the shuttle explodes.

Scene 3: Kyro is leaving the spaceport, he is notified of Larissa’s death and how he is now executor of his father’s estate. He got everything he wanted, he contacts Maui – she does not answer. He walks from the spaceport; on the street he is dragged into a car…

Lunch Lit. Part 10

Recovered from a snap of WB.

Lemur studied the mirror. He had flat wedges of aluminum foil all over his head. Some pretty thing told him it would look good and in seconds this is what happened. The girls were talking with Dyrah the hairdresser, at least she was hot and had the habit of occasionally brushing her breasts on his shoulder. He tried to listen in but the noise of the salon was to great. Two chairs over and some lady was sitting under a hairdryer; he didn’t think those things even existed anymore. Zane was sitting in the comfy looking sofa chairs out the front and it was his turn to be buried in his phone. Lemur watched him get up and leave the shop, probably going to check on his car. Lemur sighed, he wondered how much longer things would be. It was getting hot under the black smock thing that they had draped over him. He found his mind drifting off, maybe just a little shut eye.

‘Ready to see it?’

Lemur sat bolt upright.

‘Oh yeah. I mean I guess so.’

‘Sorry darl, were you asleep? D’you want a pillow?’

In the mirror he saw the two girls laughed and them whispered something to each other. Lemur said nothing and Dyrah moved about removing all the silver parcels from his hair. He looked down to the ground, he had no interest in seeing a hairstyle half done. The parcel came out of his hair with only a small tug and he barely felt a thing. Soon enough the hairdryer started up. The air was warm against his neck and he started to feel better even though the stitches in his leg still throbbed, but it was just enough to notice and not enough to actually hurt.

‘Annnnd all done.’ Drya pulled of the smock and dusted his neck with a soft brush. ‘What d’you think?’

Lemur looked up to the mirror. They had put white through his hair! Black and white? He looked like a punked out skunk.

‘Oh my god, it looks amazing! Nat doesn’t it look amazing?’

Lemur looked to Nat, she didn’t appear amazed.

‘Yeah Ash, just awesome.’ Nat took a shot with her phone.

Just great, now this would be all over the Internet.

Lunch Lit. Part 9

Lemur was delegated the back seat, but on the plus side he was sitting next to Ashley. The idea was that they would go to the beach. As soon as the doors to the car were shut that suggestion was squashed, by a female majority and the maleness of always hungry, and they were heading into town. This holidays were turning out to be fairly ordinary. At least it was warm outside and the bathers wouldn’t be too out of place.

Ashley looked unbelievably hot in a gold and black sports top. Her hair was cut short but just long enough that a few strands brushed against her shoulders. He desperately searched his head for something to say, but he continued to come up empty. Not wanting to appear completely dense he suddenly found something interesting out side the window.

‘Not much of a talker are you?’ She shattered the ice.

‘Lemmie? Nah hes the quite one.’ Zane answered. ‘You gotta watch ‘em they have all the creepy ideas.’

Ashley laughed, he bob shaking and Lemur notice a few blue streaks hidden under the blonde.

‘Sweet hair color.’

‘You mean this?’ Ashley plucked some of the blue strands and twisted it around her fingers. ‘You know you’d look awesome with bit of color. Knock out that mousey brown thing you have going on.’

‘Yeah I guess.’

‘You should totally get color.’ Nat chimed in. ‘Zane what do you think?’

‘I totally dont care.’ A statment that earned him a slap on the shoulder.

‘Yeah maybe I dunno.’

‘C’mon we’ll go see my girl. She’s the total shiznit.’

Lunch Lit. Part 8

Lemur silently dashed to his room. The pain front his leg mysteriously dissipating. He checked his hair in the mirror and threw on the cleanest jeans he could find. He returned to the lounge room to see Zane demonstrating a perfect plank. Nat had her phone out and was calling the time. Ashley was up an looking at all the pictures on the wall; in her hand someone had gotten her a drink.

Lemur had zero interest in Zane’s planking abilities. Instead he casually slid up to Ashley.

‘I’m like totally naked in that one.’

Ashely burst out laughing, and sprayed the photo with coke.

‘Knew it, but now you can’t unpicture it. The cutie little booty, oh yeah I had it all going on.’

‘Really what happened?’

Lemur placed a hand over his heart. ‘Oh you hurt so much. Such cruelty, no wonder that your single.’

‘Subtle,’ Ashley said and turned away.

Lemur shrugged, that was a photo of his sister anyway.

‘Guys are we going or what?’ Ashley demanded.

Zane broke his plank. ‘Yeah I guess. Lemmie you in?’

Lemur shrugged, ‘Dunno what you guys up to?’


‘Anywhre with reception.’ She held out her phone and jiggled it.

Zane sighed. ‘Ash?’

‘I’m cool for the beach.’

‘Yup.’ Nat agreed.

‘Sweet. We’ll swing past and grab my boards.’

Lunch Lit. Part 7

Lemur eased himself into the lounge suite. He reached for the remote but found it just out of reach. He stretched as far as he could and even attempted to use Jedi skill, but no luck. The remote mocked him in its shiny black god like appearance. It laughed and taunted and Lemur could swear that when he looked away for a second it bounced further away. For a moment he just sat there with the screen black. That damn remote control was not going to win. Eventually defeated he butt-bounced down the sofa, snatched up the remote and flicked the telly on. He quickly scrolled the channels, nothing, nothing, nothing. Fifty-seven channels of nothing. He turned it off and chucked the remote into the other chair slightly harder than was necessary. The remote bounced off the sofa and crashed against the wall. Its battery cover skidded off and the two double A’s flew out.

‘Suck it be-otch’ Lemur yelled.

The stupid excitement abated and Lemur skunked into the chair, then the door bell rang.

Lemur pulled himself out of the chair and hobbled over to see who it was. The pain was almost unbearable, but sitting in front of the blank telly screen was even more unbearable; not a physical pain, but an emotional soul crushing one.

Lemur reacher the door in record time. For a second he thought about calling Guinness and seeing if they had a record for getting to the front door with a busted ass leg. Just before opening the door he held a mini debate, no pants or hobble to his room retrieve pants and then answer the door? No pants won by a small margin, something to do with embarrassment factor being near zero. What if the postie saw him in his Sponge-bob Boxers? Amount of fucks to give was zero. Perhaps even an exchange of fucks could happen, if the postie was handing them out who was he to deny it. It was more fun to revel in the embarrassment of others then to be bothered with all the nonsense. Balancing on the one crutch Lemur opened the door.

‘Holy shit dude Sponge-bob? You sad bastard.’

Zane didn’t wait for a response before wading through all of Lemurs dropped fucks and into the house. Ah shit Lemur thought peering at all those fucks, it’ll take years to recover. He flashed a smile at Nat and some other chick that was there but he didn’t know. Good old bullshit confidence, yeah I totally did this on purpose, and maybe he would be able to recover some of those dropped fucks.

‘Hey Lemur, this is Ashley.’ Nat followed Zane and they both sat down on the sofa together.

‘You know I actually really like Sponge-bob.’

Lemur’s smile suddenly became genuine. He gestured for her to enter. She obliged and walked in.

‘I have some Plankton panties at home. You should come over and check them out,’ she whispered in his ear then aat on the sofa with the others.

‘So yeah, pants are needed I’ll be back in a second.’

‘No worries mate,’ Zane said, not turning around, ‘where the hell is the remote?’

Lunch Lit. Part 6

Back at home and Lemur was having a shower. He was freshly stitched, but still bore the marks of the not quite clean swimming hole. He stood facing the shower head. The water pulsing straight onto his face. Working the soap into a lather he scrubbed down his entire body. Still the pocket of flab here and there, but he could also feel his body start to shape up. He twisted the taps off full and toweled down. Slinging the used towel over a chrome rail, he carefully pulled on his official ‘at home’ pants. Scroungy busted track suit bottoms and a loose tank-tee. He stopped for a moment and admired his arms in the mirror. Flexing and making pseudo muscle poses, not long ago he would have run out of the room for fear of catching a glance.

‘Looking good sailor.’

Horrified Lemur slammed the bathroom door shut and pushed in the bolt with a bit too much force.

‘I used to wipe your arse, you know! Lunch is on the table have a great day!’

Lemur heard her keys scrape as his mum picked them up from he hall table, then in minutes her car started and left the drive. Satisfied she was gone he opened the door and hobbled in to the lounge room.

Lunch Break Lit. Part 5

Despite his protests Zane and Nat had delivered Lemur to the hospital. His bike had been left behind at the pool. With his leg cut to pieces there was no way he could have ridden it anyway. Now he was lying in a bed with wet shorts waiting to be seen. There was a stench in the air, a mix of bleach and piss; it stuck in his throat.

Nat sat to his left and playing with her phone despite the signs. Zane had left to find a vending machine.

Lemur ran his hands through his hair. His leg had started throbbing shortly after they had left, but now the pain was near unbearable. Maggie, the triage nurse, said that he would probably need stitches but for the moment was was given a wool pad to hold against the wound.

Trying to ignore the smell of the hospital, Lemur leaned to the left and stared out of the window. It was dark, and the light of the room stopped him from seeing any constellations. He turned to Nat, she was busy on her phone, texting somebody about something important, he sighed. Her phone bleeped every ten seconds and she tapped out her reply in record speed. He caught a glimpse of the screen and she was texting at least three different people. Suddenly he felt bad at keeping her away from her friends on a Saturday night.

‘You can go if you want to.’

Nat didn’t look up from the phone.

‘I’ve got nothing else on.’ She continued to tap away.

‘Really? Seems like you do.’

‘Nope. Nothing.’ Tap, tap tap.

‘Okay sure.’

Nat stopped with the phone and she slipped it into her pocket. ‘I’m here with Zane and he wants to hang with you and believe it or not I’m okay with that. I know you have some massive issue with me. Yeah that’s right I see the eye rolls every time I’m about. But I actually think your an okay guy. Sometimes I think your just jealous that I get to make out with Zane and you can’t.’

Lemur sat bolt upright. ‘What the fuck? Do you think I’m gay?’

Nat shrugged. ‘Certainly seems that way.’

‘Is it because I don’t actually find you hot? What you think that any guy that isn’t attracted to you must be gay. How incredibly —

‘I think both of you should calm down a bit, this is a hospital remember. Nat, I think I saw Zane wandering about in the lobby, why don’t you go and get him.’

‘Sure thing Doc. B.’

Nat leaned over to Lemur. ‘You know they say that the more someone denies something the truer it is.’ Lemur opened his mouth to speak, but said nothing. Nat smiled and he knew she had won. ‘Laters. Don’t stab him too hard will you.’

‘Loverly girl that one.’ Doc B. said after Nat had left.

‘Leave her alone.’

‘I’m sorry I forgot that I’m wrong even when I agree with you. Now what have you done to your leg here.’ She peeled back the wool pad, and several fibers had been caught in the wound. ‘Dammit if I have the remind Maggie one more time about these things. Well it all looks fine, a few minor scrapes, but there is this one on your calf.’ She prodded it with her gloved finger and Lemur jerked back. ‘Tender is it? This will need some stitches or maybe we can just glue it? You want to man it up or puss out?’

‘Oh my god mum really?’

‘Hey you come into my house expect to get treated like the rest of them, I’ll save the kissing boo boos for when we’re at home.’

‘Fine. I’ll take the stitches.’

Lunch Break Lit. Part 4

The water splashed up and swallowed him. Lemur swam down as far as he could, the pool was much deeper than he thought and the kinetic energy from the dive only pushed him so far, and he found himself kicking down into the black water. After what seemed an age, his hand scrapped the bottom. The rocks were smooth and cold, with a slight coating of something slippery. Holding his breath he twisted about to a sitting position. The water had taken him completely, he mused how good it would be to stay permanently, but his need for oxygen forced his hand and he swam for the surface. He kicked off the rock, but his foot slipped and wedged itself between two of the boulders. Lemur kicked and thrashed, but he was stuck fast. He opened his mouth scream and precious air bubbles escaped his mouth, he watched them float away taking their life giving gift with them. Somehow it seemed to calm him. Lemur ducked back wards and forced his but back onto the rock, from this position his foot slipped out easily. His leg was scratched and bleeding. He ran his and down it and felt all the skin torn away. He swam for the surface once again, this time letting his body’s natural buoyancy take him to the surface.

He broke the water and gasped in air. His lungs were burning and his leg suddenly decided to send all turn all the pain receptors on in one hit. He kicked with his good leg to the side of the pool and climbed out. He hobbled up to the small clearing where Zane and Nat were still attached to each other, completely oblivious to Lemur’s near involuntary water burial. Lemur grabbed his towel and dried himself, then put his shirt back on. He noticed the warmth on his back, he’d be burnt tomorrow – lobster back, most kids would tan but he’ll just peel he reminded himself. Just one more reason to be jealous of Nat. She never lost the perfect colour of her skin, even in the middle of winter she still had the cappuccino tones.

‘If you guys are done can we get going?’ Lemur said drying his hair and facing away from the soft porn scene.

‘Just a sec mate.’ Zane said and then proceeded to make obscene exaggerated slurping noises.

‘Zane, you shit. Stop that!’ Nat protested, but Lemur could tell she thought it was funny and it was Lemur couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Knew I could drag one out of you mate.’ Zane got to his feet and pulled his shirt back on and finally covering up his noticeable erection. ‘Holy fuck mate what happened to your leg its torn up!’

‘It’s nothing just got a bit stuck.’

‘Shit eh, better see your mum then it’s got green shit all in it.’

‘Don’t need to bother her.’

‘I think Zane’s right, that does not look good. If not your mum maybe one of the other Doc’s then?’

Lemur wrapped his towel about his waist. ‘For fuck’s sake it’s just some scratches.’

‘All right then, unbunch you panties.’ Zane spun about and led the way out. Nat grabbed his hand and followed.

Lemur checked his leg. There was only a small amount of blood, it just needed a clean. Perhaps Zane was over reacting, but then it did hurt like hell.

Lunch Break Lit. Part 3

Lemur dived into the water his body slightly off center. The water shot up his bathers nearly tearing them from his body. One of the small disadvantages from his recent bout of weight loss, putting up with doughy skin was one thing but clothes not fitting anymore, while it was good, it was also annoying. He yanked them back up and then swam for the surface. After a second he emerged form the water flicking his head back to keep his hair out of his eyes.

‘So sek-say. You hunky man-meat.’ Zane teased in falsetto.

Lemur wiped his face from the water. Zane was sitting on a submerged rock near the wash. A natural spa and the water was so clean there were no scummy flotsam. Lemur found a similar spot on the other edge of the pool.

‘Are you really that into her?’ Lemur picked a hand full of pebbles and started tossing them into the centre of the pool.

Zane laughed. ‘Do you care?’

‘No I guess not, it’s just—’

‘Different, I know. Hey she’s fun to be about. Sure we muck about occasionally, but it’s nothing serious. I mean, I’m no less of a virgin than you are. I’m not hung up about it, like anyone. Everything everyone else says is just bullshit. We all do it, bullshit, topped with a side of bullshit.’

Lemur kept tossing the pebbles, then he ran out and grabbed another hand full.

‘Jeez dude don’t get so hung up about it.’ Zane swam to the edge and climbed out of the pool. ‘I’m going back up. You coming?’

Lemur shrugged.

‘Whatever man.’ Zane walked off.

Lemur tossed the remaining pebbles into the wash and followed Zane. Zane hadn’t gone back to the top but instead he was sitting next to Nat glued to her face like some sort of vacuum experiment gone wrong. Disappointingly her bikini top was back on. Lemur left them to it and headed back up to the top of the rock platform.

From the rock platform Lemur could see into the town. It was still daylight but only just and a few of the streetlights stated to flicker on. He calculated the time; there was probably only enough time for a few more dives. It seemed a bit pointless diving by himself. But he stood at the edge anyway. The pool below took on a black appearance as the shadows drew near. Lemur wondered what type of mark he would make if he hit one of the larger boulders on the way down, bounce off this one and then slid into that one. He glanced down to Nat and Zane, they were still busy. Zane trying to cope a feel and Nat pushing his hand away, then expertly in one flowing motion placed her hand down his pants. Virgin? Lemur laughed out loud. Maybe Zane was but no way was Nat. Not wanting to witness anything further Lemur dived into the water.

Lunch Break Lit. Part 2

‘Oh. Hey Lemmie,’ Nat said when she finished fishing out a small stick from her hair.

Lemur eyed her as she wandered about the small clearing looking for a place to sit. She wandered over to a fallen tree branch, unwrapped a towel from around her neck and laid it over the wood. Then she sat down and started picking at her finger nails.

‘C’mon man she’s okay.’ Zane patted Lemur on the shoulder.

‘She’s nothing more than an empty head and a shirt full of boob.’

Zane laughed, ‘Fuck off mate, jelly much?’

Lemur watched Nat for a second. She just sat there perched so effortlessly her legs stretched out in front catching the sun and perfectly illuminating her caramel colored skin tone.

‘Hey babe ready for a swim?’ Zane asked and Nat looked up. Lemur glanced away, praying that she hadn’t noticed.

‘In there? Are you serious? Go ahead I’ll just stay here and get some rays.’ Nat pulled her shirt off, revealing a bright orange bikini top. She put her headphones on and then waved Zane and Lemur away.

‘Eyes back in you head mate.’ Zane slapped Lemur on the back. Lemur shrugged it off and headed up the footpath. Zane stripped off his shirt and followed, accompanied by a wolf whistle from Nat.

Lemur walked the thin path between the boulders. His bare feet were hardened and he didn’t feel the tiny pebbles that dotted the path, at one point he slipped but held his balance and every now and then he needed to stop and climb one of the rocks to keep moving. They walked in silence and before long they were at the top. A flat clearing about fifteen metres from where they were. He could see Nat below, still lying in the sun listening to her music. He couldn’t quite make it out but he thought her top was off completely.

‘Let’s go Lemmie clear the way.’ Lemur moved further to the edge so Zane could clear the last boulder. Cool air from the waterfall drifted up and washed over his face.

‘She’s a beaut today, eh.’ Zane stood near the edge and was breathing the air in great massive lung fulls.

Down below the water pooled and gave of a deep blue appearance surrounded by the white foam of the churn.

‘Last one in is a fuckwit.’ Zane screamed as he dived over he edge, just barely scrapping past Lemur. Lemur watched him go down, twisting over on the descent and flipping him off, before twisting back and crashing into the water. Ten seconds past and then Zane broke the surface and swam to the edge.

‘C’mon ya pussy.’ He goaded.

Lemur turned back and took one last glance at Nat, yep, her top was definitely off. He shrugged and praying that the cold water would quell his imminent boner dived over the edge.

Lunch Break Lit. Pt1

Lemur waited. The sun burned his back, but he refused to move. His butt itched and the stream rolled beneath his feet. He stared into the that water, his mind steadily blank. It only had two settings, his doctors had said, off or light speed and at the moment it was off.

Soon he would have to move. He lifted his left cheek off the rock and a smile slithered to his face as he relieved the itch.

‘Jee-bus, I leave you alone for a second and you’re filling the air with swamp gas!’ Zane had finally arrived.

Lemur stood and stretched. His leg had fallen asleep and he shook the feeling back into, nearly ending up in the drink as he did so.

‘What the fuck Zane. Where are we? I’ve got like twigs and shit in my hair’

Lemur’s face dropped. Nat was here; the bitch with the tits.

It has begun… an epic journey

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A Bit of Flash Fiction – 1500 Words



DATE: 4/22/1987


SUBJECT NAME: Ginsberg, Allen





PART: 3/5


… and they sat close to the performance. The fug barely touched their backs as it clawed at them from the bowels of the club.

‘So why are we here again?’ The girl spoke, her accent strange and unfamiliar.

The man raised a bent finger to his lips.

‘Ugh, every time.’

‘Do you not know what this means,’ he repeated the gesture. Then, with the same finger, he pointed to the chair.

I had taken the stage; I glanced at her, and then stubbed out my cigarette against my shoe. Clicking from the crowd erupted and I raised a hand to shush them. I opened my beaten note book. There it was, that nugget, plucked from my brain last night and drawing a deep breath I read:

‘If not mine; despot Moloch,

Feed on in shadow.

Ne’er must they leave?

Always they remain.’

‘Was that it? Not very impressive, I’ve seen better poetry scribbled in the toilets.’

‘No, this is wrong.’ The man bolted from his chair; a loud scrape interrupted the gracious clicking. ‘There is supposed to be more. This is the time.’

‘Do you want –‘

‘No, go back. I’ll be ready to leave in a minute.’

She shrugged and left. I watched her leave through a side door in the back that I could have sworn was a not there last week. Then the man approached me like a starving man devouring a long forgotten meal. For a moment I thought he was going to knock me down, but he placed his arm around me. Now I’m not one for the older gents but somehow it felt … comforting.

‘So what was that? Howl is supposed to be riotous. The unnerving drive of a man pushed to his limits at the frustration of human existence. Where was all the anger, the persecution? I mean no offence but what you read was garbage.’

‘Excuse me? I must disagree.’ I pushed him off. ‘Do you hear that? The crowd was pleased.’

‘All I hear is your friends being polite. It must be nice to win over those who already like you. Don’t you want to do something more?’ He snapped his fingers in the air, ‘I’ve got it! Here come with me.’

He led me to the back of the club; to the same beaten old doors that the young girl had disappeared through and, although the fug was indeed weighty, I could have sworn they were painted blue.


… not like I didn’t know. It was unusually warm outside, sticky and humid. ‘Where are we?’ I asked.

‘Bon Temps, Louisiana. You, sir, need some inspiration. Look I don’t really want to get into it here; we just don’t have the time. It’ll all go a lot smoother if you just nod and accept it.’

I nodded; he seemed to emanate blind acceptance of the situation.

‘See that’s the spirit!’ he turned his head. ‘See, I told you he would understand.’

‘Just get on with it,’ the girl called back.

‘Now where was … ah yes, your poem, Howl. It is integral to the time, but in fact I think we could find something with more passion floating around the insides of a dog’s lower colon. So I brought you here. Look,’ he pointed. ‘Over there, is Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. Go inside and ask for Sookie Stackhouse.’



… at this point she paused, like her brain had seized. I wondered if something was wrong with her.

‘Hey, you keep those thoughts to yourself,’ Sookie blurted and stormed off.

Intrigued, I followed her back to the bar. ‘I’m sorry miss, I…

‘Sookie is this man botherin you?’ The stocky black girl behind the grill pointed a spatula in my direction. ‘Maybe I could take him home and teach him some manners.’

‘No that’s alright Lafayette.’ Sookie removed her apron and tossed it over the bar, ‘Sam! I need a breather.’ She didn’t wait for a response and left, just before the door closed, she said, ‘are you comin’ or what?’

I was told to talk to her, so I followed. The doors opened onto the side of the building next to the bins. The stench was near unbearable. Sookie waited for me in the moonlight shade of a willow. She waved me over.

‘I’m sorry about before Mister Ginsberg.’

‘Y – you know who I am?’

‘Why yes silly, we all studied your work in high school. But I can’t believe you’re here! When were you bit?’


‘Oh c’mon there’s no way you’re not, you know one of them…’

‘Now it’s my turn to be offended. One of them? Really, in sixty years the attitude is still the same. I had high hopes.’

‘But it’s all fine now, being out of the coffin an’ all.’

‘Wait coffin?’

‘Yeah, you know the “v” word.’

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

‘You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?’ She put her hands on her hips and huffed out. ‘You are a vampire, right?’

I laughed, so hard one of my ribs nearly broke. ‘A vampire,’ I wiped my face, ‘that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. I suppose I have been spending a bit too much time inside recently.’

Suddenly a pickup drove past and a man leaned out of the window. ‘Go back in the ground, fuckin’ fanger!’ He tossed a bottle out and it smashed against the car beside me.

‘What did he say?’ I asked truly perplexed.

‘Some people think vamps should go back to where they came from, and Horton there, is not shy about voicing his ignorant opinions.’

‘So vampire is slang for gays?’

Sookie laughed.

‘No, silly, gays are gay and vampires are vampires, although some are gay, and some switch every hundred years or so. Bill once told me he met an old black female gay vampire, and she said she had gone from being the most persecuted to one of the most welcomed inside the vampire community. Not now, though; hell, she’s back to getting barred from clubs just because she’s a vampire. An’ Bill said she would be one of the nicest vamps you would ever meet. Why, she’d much rather cook up a steak and chips than bite you.’

‘I think I’m getting it now, you mean actual vampires, like in Dracula.’

‘Sort of, although I’ve met Drac and he wasn’t all that bad; shocking breath, but he was nice enough.’

‘I thought the world would be more progressive than this. Gay people are accepted –‘

‘You mean tolerated. Just go and ask Lafayette. I mean I don’t have any problems but for a lot of people they still hold the same prejudices. But then I have you to thank for that, your poetry spoke to so many people.’

‘So I’m not forgotten?’

‘Oh-my-god, no, some people see your work as pivotal for bringing the front of human rights and free speech. It paved the way that showed me need to be thinking more about the future and that we need to include all parts of the population, not just those that sit within the majority. It’s a part of the reason that I’m so interested in the vampire movement. If some, such as Horton, would just see the advantages that vampires could bring to society then, well, I think the better off we all would be. Sure in the past we may have been snack food for them, but if we let them I’m sure they’d apologise.’

‘My work is pivotal?’

‘Absolutely, my old teacher, Mr. Eden, said your work deserved to be canonized, whatever that meant. Why just last week he was in here and he told me that if Allen had been here he’d have some choice words to say, and now you are!’

‘Really? I mean I always thought of the canon as being exclusive of people such as myself, but then – ‘

‘Hello there. Allen, are you finished, all nice and inspired now? It’s just, you know, tick-tock.’

Sookie jumped when the man appeared from behind the shrubbery.

‘I’m sorry my dear, I’m a friend of Allen’s, and we really need to go now.’

‘Oh I see. Well, you boys have fun; I have to get back, anyways.’

We walked together back through the woodland.

‘How was it? Feeling better? Ready to write some truly awe inspiring stuff?’

‘I think I am.’

‘Well that’s just great.

‘Just one thing though, the box –‘

‘Yeah, I know it’s bigger on the inside.’



Exegesis: ‘Howling for Blood’


This exegesis has been written to explain the creative decisions and ideas of ‘Howling for Blood’ (Williams 2014). ‘Howling for Blood’ is a work of fiction that includes characters, Sookie Stackhouse and Lafayette Reynolds, created by Charlaine Harris. The character Allen Ginsberg is a fictionalized version of Allen Ginsberg.

‘Howling for Blood’ has been written as a text transcribed from audio tape. The format demonstrated suggests that Ginsberg was being treated for some form of mental illness. This is a reference to Allen’s mother, ‘whose mental health was a concern throughout the poet’s childhood’ (Academy of American Poets n.d.). Starting the story mid-sentence was used to get a feel for the format, and to draw the reader into to the action immediately. In the first scene Ginsberg, is reading a nonsense version of the poem Howl. This is to give the story purpose, in that he needs to be shown how his poem affects the world. Ginsberg is transported to the future to meet Sookie Stackhouse, who has very definitive views on the treatment of minorities.

Sookie Stackhouse exists as a muse for Ginsberg. She shares her passion for the treatment of vampires with Ginsberg. As the, ‘vampires in True Blood [Charlaine Harris’s adapted work] are often “coded” as gays’ (Mamatas 2009, p. 67) this in turn is very relatable to the situation that Ginsberg is living with, such as, the laws against homosexuality in America (Feinberg 2005). The line, ‘So vampire is slang for gays?’ (Williams 2014) is to assist the reader to make the connection. In response to this, Sookie offers the analogy, in that vampire shouldn’t be treated differently just because they are vampires. This directly relates to the messages that Allen Ginsberg was demonstrating with his poem, in that people should not be victimised for living differently to the perceived normal ideology. After Sookie’s analogy Ginsberg remarks, ‘I thought the world would be more progressive than this’ (Williams 2014), here Ginsberg starts to think the he needs to do or say something. In the next section Sookie states, ‘we need to be thinking more about the future’, (Williams 2014), this is a reference to the existing poem Howl who, as Stephenson (2009, p. 55) states, ‘has shown the effects of a society without vision’. In the final section where Ginsberg remarks, ‘My work is pivotal?’ (Williams 2014) enters a brief discussion about Howl’s relevance to the Western Canon. Sookie’s understanding of the canon is limited, so a created character in ‘Mr. Eden’ (Williams 2014) is used to give weight to the discussion and convince Ginsberg that his work is indeed important. Ginsberg talks about the limitations of the Western Canon with, ‘I always thought of the canon as being exclusive for people such as myself’ (Williams 2014), this relates to the formation of the canon and how it is an almost exclusive club for certain individuals, with Ginsberg being an outspoken homosexual, living in a time where homophobia was unusually prevalent (Feinberg 2005).

This exegesis has discussed reasons behind the creative decisions of ‘Howling for Blood’. Simply, Ginsberg needed inspiration to write Howl and this was provided by the fictional character, Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie and Ginsberg are advocates for the rights of the minority, be it homosexuals, or vampires.



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