Lunch Lit. Part 6

Back at home and Lemur was having a shower. He was freshly stitched, but still bore the marks of the not quite clean swimming hole. He stood facing the shower head. The water pulsing straight onto his face. Working the soap into a lather he scrubbed down his entire body. Still the pocket of flab here and there, but he could also feel his body start to shape up. He twisted the taps off full and toweled down. Slinging the used towel over a chrome rail, he carefully pulled on his official ‘at home’ pants. Scroungy busted track suit bottoms and a loose tank-tee. He stopped for a moment and admired his arms in the mirror. Flexing and making pseudo muscle poses, not long ago he would have run out of the room for fear of catching a glance.

‘Looking good sailor.’

Horrified Lemur slammed the bathroom door shut and pushed in the bolt with a bit too much force.

‘I used to wipe your arse, you know! Lunch is on the table have a great day!’

Lemur heard her keys scrape as his mum picked them up from he hall table, then in minutes her car started and left the drive. Satisfied she was gone he opened the door and hobbled in to the lounge room.