Lunch Break Lit. Part 5

Despite his protests Zane and Nat had delivered Lemur to the hospital. His bike had been left behind at the pool. With his leg cut to pieces there was no way he could have ridden it anyway. Now he was lying in a bed with wet shorts waiting to be seen. There was a stench in the air, a mix of bleach and piss; it stuck in his throat.

Nat sat to his left and playing with her phone despite the signs. Zane had left to find a vending machine.

Lemur ran his hands through his hair. His leg had started throbbing shortly after they had left, but now the pain was near unbearable. Maggie, the triage nurse, said that he would probably need stitches but for the moment was was given a wool pad to hold against the wound.

Trying to ignore the smell of the hospital, Lemur leaned to the left and stared out of the window. It was dark, and the light of the room stopped him from seeing any constellations. He turned to Nat, she was busy on her phone, texting somebody about something important, he sighed. Her phone bleeped every ten seconds and she tapped out her reply in record speed. He caught a glimpse of the screen and she was texting at least three different people. Suddenly he felt bad at keeping her away from her friends on a Saturday night.

‘You can go if you want to.’

Nat didn’t look up from the phone.

‘I’ve got nothing else on.’ She continued to tap away.

‘Really? Seems like you do.’

‘Nope. Nothing.’ Tap, tap tap.

‘Okay sure.’

Nat stopped with the phone and she slipped it into her pocket. ‘I’m here with Zane and he wants to hang with you and believe it or not I’m okay with that. I know you have some massive issue with me. Yeah that’s right I see the eye rolls every time I’m about. But I actually think your an okay guy. Sometimes I think your just jealous that I get to make out with Zane and you can’t.’

Lemur sat bolt upright. ‘What the fuck? Do you think I’m gay?’

Nat shrugged. ‘Certainly seems that way.’

‘Is it because I don’t actually find you hot? What you think that any guy that isn’t attracted to you must be gay. How incredibly —

‘I think both of you should calm down a bit, this is a hospital remember. Nat, I think I saw Zane wandering about in the lobby, why don’t you go and get him.’

‘Sure thing Doc. B.’

Nat leaned over to Lemur. ‘You know they say that the more someone denies something the truer it is.’ Lemur opened his mouth to speak, but said nothing. Nat smiled and he knew she had won. ‘Laters. Don’t stab him too hard will you.’

‘Loverly girl that one.’ Doc B. said after Nat had left.

‘Leave her alone.’

‘I’m sorry I forgot that I’m wrong even when I agree with you. Now what have you done to your leg here.’ She peeled back the wool pad, and several fibers had been caught in the wound. ‘Dammit if I have the remind Maggie one more time about these things. Well it all looks fine, a few minor scrapes, but there is this one on your calf.’ She prodded it with her gloved finger and Lemur jerked back. ‘Tender is it? This will need some stitches or maybe we can just glue it? You want to man it up or puss out?’

‘Oh my god mum really?’

‘Hey you come into my house expect to get treated like the rest of them, I’ll save the kissing boo boos for when we’re at home.’

‘Fine. I’ll take the stitches.’