Lunch Break Lit. Part 4

The water splashed up and swallowed him. Lemur swam down as far as he could, the pool was much deeper than he thought and the kinetic energy from the dive only pushed him so far, and he found himself kicking down into the black water. After what seemed an age, his hand scrapped the bottom. The rocks were smooth and cold, with a slight coating of something slippery. Holding his breath he twisted about to a sitting position. The water had taken him completely, he mused how good it would be to stay permanently, but his need for oxygen forced his hand and he swam for the surface. He kicked off the rock, but his foot slipped and wedged itself between two of the boulders. Lemur kicked and thrashed, but he was stuck fast. He opened his mouth scream and precious air bubbles escaped his mouth, he watched them float away taking their life giving gift with them. Somehow it seemed to calm him. Lemur ducked back wards and forced his but back onto the rock, from this position his foot slipped out easily. His leg was scratched and bleeding. He ran his and down it and felt all the skin torn away. He swam for the surface once again, this time letting his body’s natural buoyancy take him to the surface.

He broke the water and gasped in air. His lungs were burning and his leg suddenly decided to send all turn all the pain receptors on in one hit. He kicked with his good leg to the side of the pool and climbed out. He hobbled up to the small clearing where Zane and Nat were still attached to each other, completely oblivious to Lemur’s near involuntary water burial. Lemur grabbed his towel and dried himself, then put his shirt back on. He noticed the warmth on his back, he’d be burnt tomorrow – lobster back, most kids would tan but he’ll just peel he reminded himself. Just one more reason to be jealous of Nat. She never lost the perfect colour of her skin, even in the middle of winter she still had the cappuccino tones.

‘If you guys are done can we get going?’ Lemur said drying his hair and facing away from the soft porn scene.

‘Just a sec mate.’ Zane said and then proceeded to make obscene exaggerated slurping noises.

‘Zane, you shit. Stop that!’ Nat protested, but Lemur could tell she thought it was funny and it was Lemur couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Knew I could drag one out of you mate.’ Zane got to his feet and pulled his shirt back on and finally covering up his noticeable erection. ‘Holy fuck mate what happened to your leg its torn up!’

‘It’s nothing just got a bit stuck.’

‘Shit eh, better see your mum then it’s got green shit all in it.’

‘Don’t need to bother her.’

‘I think Zane’s right, that does not look good. If not your mum maybe one of the other Doc’s then?’

Lemur wrapped his towel about his waist. ‘For fuck’s sake it’s just some scratches.’

‘All right then, unbunch you panties.’ Zane spun about and led the way out. Nat grabbed his hand and followed.

Lemur checked his leg. There was only a small amount of blood, it just needed a clean. Perhaps Zane was over reacting, but then it did hurt like hell.