Lunch Lit. Part 8

Lemur silently dashed to his room. The pain front his leg mysteriously dissipating. He checked his hair in the mirror and threw on the cleanest jeans he could find. He returned to the lounge room to see Zane demonstrating a perfect plank. Nat had her phone out and was calling the time. Ashley was up an looking at all the pictures on the wall; in her hand someone had gotten her a drink.

Lemur had zero interest in Zane’s planking abilities. Instead he casually slid up to Ashley.

‘I’m like totally naked in that one.’

Ashely burst out laughing, and sprayed the photo with coke.

‘Knew it, but now you can’t unpicture it. The cutie little booty, oh yeah I had it all going on.’

‘Really what happened?’

Lemur placed a hand over his heart. ‘Oh you hurt so much. Such cruelty, no wonder that your single.’

‘Subtle,’ Ashley said and turned away.

Lemur shrugged, that was a photo of his sister anyway.

‘Guys are we going or what?’ Ashley demanded.

Zane broke his plank. ‘Yeah I guess. Lemmie you in?’

Lemur shrugged, ‘Dunno what you guys up to?’


‘Anywhre with reception.’ She held out her phone and jiggled it.

Zane sighed. ‘Ash?’

‘I’m cool for the beach.’

‘Yup.’ Nat agreed.

‘Sweet. We’ll swing past and grab my boards.’