Lunch Lit. Part 10

Recovered from a snap of WB.

Lemur studied the mirror. He had flat wedges of aluminum foil all over his head. Some pretty thing told him it would look good and in seconds this is what happened. The girls were talking with Dyrah the hairdresser, at least she was hot and had the habit of occasionally brushing her breasts on his shoulder. He tried to listen in but the noise of the salon was to great. Two chairs over and some lady was sitting under a hairdryer; he didn’t think those things even existed anymore. Zane was sitting in the comfy looking sofa chairs out the front and it was his turn to be buried in his phone. Lemur watched him get up and leave the shop, probably going to check on his car. Lemur sighed, he wondered how much longer things would be. It was getting hot under the black smock thing that they had draped over him. He found his mind drifting off, maybe just a little shut eye.

‘Ready to see it?’

Lemur sat bolt upright.

‘Oh yeah. I mean I guess so.’

‘Sorry darl, were you asleep? D’you want a pillow?’

In the mirror he saw the two girls laughed and them whispered something to each other. Lemur said nothing and Dyrah moved about removing all the silver parcels from his hair. He looked down to the ground, he had no interest in seeing a hairstyle half done. The parcel came out of his hair with only a small tug and he barely felt a thing. Soon enough the hairdryer started up. The air was warm against his neck and he started to feel better even though the stitches in his leg still throbbed, but it was just enough to notice and not enough to actually hurt.

‘Annnnd all done.’ Drya pulled of the smock and dusted his neck with a soft brush. ‘What d’you think?’

Lemur looked up to the mirror. They had put white through his hair! Black and white? He looked like a punked out skunk.

‘Oh my god, it looks amazing! Nat doesn’t it look amazing?’

Lemur looked to Nat, she didn’t appear amazed.

‘Yeah Ash, just awesome.’ Nat took a shot with her phone.

Just great, now this would be all over the Internet.