Lunch Break Lit. Pt1

Lemur waited. The sun burned his back, but he refused to move. His butt itched and the stream rolled beneath his feet. He stared into the that water, his mind steadily blank. It only had two settings, his doctors had said, off or light speed and at the moment it was off.

Soon he would have to move. He lifted his left cheek off the rock and a smile slithered to his face as he relieved the itch.

‘Jee-bus, I leave you alone for a second and you’re filling the air with swamp gas!’ Zane had finally arrived.

Lemur stood and stretched. His leg had fallen asleep and he shook the feeling back into, nearly ending up in the drink as he did so.

‘What the fuck Zane. Where are we? I’ve got like twigs and shit in my hair’

Lemur’s face dropped. Nat was here; the bitch with the tits.