Lunch Break Lit. Part 3

Lemur dived into the water his body slightly off center. The water shot up his bathers nearly tearing them from his body. One of the small disadvantages from his recent bout of weight loss, putting up with doughy skin was one thing but clothes not fitting anymore, while it was good, it was also annoying. He yanked them back up and then swam for the surface. After a second he emerged form the water flicking his head back to keep his hair out of his eyes.

‘So sek-say. You hunky man-meat.’ Zane teased in falsetto.

Lemur wiped his face from the water. Zane was sitting on a submerged rock near the wash. A natural spa and the water was so clean there were no scummy flotsam. Lemur found a similar spot on the other edge of the pool.

‘Are you really that into her?’ Lemur picked a hand full of pebbles and started tossing them into the centre of the pool.

Zane laughed. ‘Do you care?’

‘No I guess not, it’s just—’

‘Different, I know. Hey she’s fun to be about. Sure we muck about occasionally, but it’s nothing serious. I mean, I’m no less of a virgin than you are. I’m not hung up about it, like anyone. Everything everyone else says is just bullshit. We all do it, bullshit, topped with a side of bullshit.’

Lemur kept tossing the pebbles, then he ran out and grabbed another hand full.

‘Jeez dude don’t get so hung up about it.’ Zane swam to the edge and climbed out of the pool. ‘I’m going back up. You coming?’

Lemur shrugged.

‘Whatever man.’ Zane walked off.

Lemur tossed the remaining pebbles into the wash and followed Zane. Zane hadn’t gone back to the top but instead he was sitting next to Nat glued to her face like some sort of vacuum experiment gone wrong. Disappointingly her bikini top was back on. Lemur left them to it and headed back up to the top of the rock platform.

From the rock platform Lemur could see into the town. It was still daylight but only just and a few of the streetlights stated to flicker on. He calculated the time; there was probably only enough time for a few more dives. It seemed a bit pointless diving by himself. But he stood at the edge anyway. The pool below took on a black appearance as the shadows drew near. Lemur wondered what type of mark he would make if he hit one of the larger boulders on the way down, bounce off this one and then slid into that one. He glanced down to Nat and Zane, they were still busy. Zane trying to cope a feel and Nat pushing his hand away, then expertly in one flowing motion placed her hand down his pants. Virgin? Lemur laughed out loud. Maybe Zane was but no way was Nat. Not wanting to witness anything further Lemur dived into the water.