Lunch Break Lit. Part 2

‘Oh. Hey Lemmie,’ Nat said when she finished fishing out a small stick from her hair.

Lemur eyed her as she wandered about the small clearing looking for a place to sit. She wandered over to a fallen tree branch, unwrapped a towel from around her neck and laid it over the wood. Then she sat down and started picking at her finger nails.

‘C’mon man she’s okay.’ Zane patted Lemur on the shoulder.

‘She’s nothing more than an empty head and a shirt full of boob.’

Zane laughed, ‘Fuck off mate, jelly much?’

Lemur watched Nat for a second. She just sat there perched so effortlessly her legs stretched out in front catching the sun and perfectly illuminating her caramel colored skin tone.

‘Hey babe ready for a swim?’ Zane asked and Nat looked up. Lemur glanced away, praying that she hadn’t noticed.

‘In there? Are you serious? Go ahead I’ll just stay here and get some rays.’ Nat pulled her shirt off, revealing a bright orange bikini top. She put her headphones on and then waved Zane and Lemur away.

‘Eyes back in you head mate.’ Zane slapped Lemur on the back. Lemur shrugged it off and headed up the footpath. Zane stripped off his shirt and followed, accompanied by a wolf whistle from Nat.

Lemur walked the thin path between the boulders. His bare feet were hardened and he didn’t feel the tiny pebbles that dotted the path, at one point he slipped but held his balance and every now and then he needed to stop and climb one of the rocks to keep moving. They walked in silence and before long they were at the top. A flat clearing about fifteen metres from where they were. He could see Nat below, still lying in the sun listening to her music. He couldn’t quite make it out but he thought her top was off completely.

‘Let’s go Lemmie clear the way.’ Lemur moved further to the edge so Zane could clear the last boulder. Cool air from the waterfall drifted up and washed over his face.

‘She’s a beaut today, eh.’ Zane stood near the edge and was breathing the air in great massive lung fulls.

Down below the water pooled and gave of a deep blue appearance surrounded by the white foam of the churn.

‘Last one in is a fuckwit.’ Zane screamed as he dived over he edge, just barely scrapping past Lemur. Lemur watched him go down, twisting over on the descent and flipping him off, before twisting back and crashing into the water. Ten seconds past and then Zane broke the surface and swam to the edge.

‘C’mon ya pussy.’ He goaded.

Lemur turned back and took one last glance at Nat, yep, her top was definitely off. He shrugged and praying that the cold water would quell his imminent boner dived over the edge.